Much, quite rightly, has been written about Richard Thompson but rather less about his ex-wife Linda. We are going to buck the trend and tell you lots of things about Linda other than the fact that she is Richard's ex and mother of the very fine Teddy (spotted recently supporting Al Stewart at the Queen Elizabeth Hall).

Born Linda Peters in Hackney of Scottish parentage she first got involved in the music business collaborating with the likes of Manfred Mann (on advertising jingles!) and Elton John. Her highly successful duo with Richard began soon after he left Fairport Convention, their first album the very fine 'I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight'. They toured as a trio with former and now current (again) Fairport guitarist Simon Nicol as Hokey Pokey. At this point their career received a boost with our booking them at the Corbett Theatre on 9th December 1973, eventually expanding into the less successful larger group Sour Grapes. A string of albums followed including 'Hokey Pokey' and 'Pour Down Like Silver' culminating in 1982 with 'Shoot Out The Lights', nominated by Rolling Stone (not sure which one!) as the album of the year.

Marriage being what it is they made their final appearance as a duo at the South Yorkshire Folk Festival in the summer of 1982.

Linda embarked on a solo career with the release of an album called 'One Clear Moment' in 1985, working the folk clubs and on the National Theatre's production of the Mysteries. Talking of mysteries she also worked on Simon Nicol's first solo album - how can it be a solo album with at least two people working on it? Ah well that's folk I guess.

She did record an album in Nashville in 1987 with no lesser mortals than Jennifer Warnes and Bruce Hornsby, however, she seemingly didn't think much of the end result since it was never released as an entity. However, an album called 'Dreams Fly Away: A History of Linda Thompson' contains excerpts from this session and other unreleased items.

Sadly this may be the last recorded work since, apparently, Linda has been diagnosed with "hysterical dysphonia" , a condition which inhibits singing. In the shadow of Richard Linda has never got the recognition her talent deserved - buy this album to confirm.