Tim Hardin

What's a bloke with songs recorded by the Four Tops, Rod Stewart and Bobby Darin doing playing at a folk club?

Well ..it all began on 23rd December 1941 in Eugene, Oregon when Tim Hardin was born. His parents had a musical background, however, he appears not to have got on with his father at all well. At the age of 18 he dropped out and joined the Marines - I always thought Americans tried to drop out of the Marines not t'other way about, however, no matter. Allegedly it was whilst with the Marines in SE Asia that young Tim got the taste for heroin.

In 1961 he pitched up in Greenwich Village, New York where he practised his art for a bit, soon ending up in Boston auditioning for Columbia Records - much recording but no releasing.

In 1965 he moved to Los Angeles where he met an actress called Susan Morss - later adapted by Hardin to Moore, though she was from Vermont not Baltimore (but hey when did geography spoil a good song). Susan became the wife.

1966 saw the release of his first album including 'Hang On To A Dream'. His son Damion was born soon afterwards in 1967.

His second album included 'If I Were A Carpenter' - a seriously huge hit around the world for Bobby Darin. Hardin failed to seize the moment however - he suffered from stage fright and gained a reputation for being unreliable. A live album 'TH3' got him back on the right track along with a move to Woodstock but success was shortlived. His apparent lack of fight against addiction resulted in his Verve record contract being cancelled and a UK tour going the same way.

Columbia, encouraged by a new manager, briefly got interested again and the masterpiece (personal view) 'Suite for Susan Moore' was made.

Addiction won - wife and child left, album quality declined. He died on 29th December 1980 - suicide or an error of judgement was never established. At his death he had earned $22m and lost the lot.

He appeared for us at the Blacksmith's Arms on 2nd May 1976. We were ever so pleased to have booked him  but in truth he was disappointing..very sad. He has the distiction of being only one of two artists that we booked who appeared at the Woodstock Festival. (The other being Al Mathews who'd been in Richie Havens band - but then you knew that I expect!)